Board of directors

Christian Kronegård, born 1988, has extensive experience of sitting on both listed and unlisted boards. Christian's areas of expertise include M&A, capital markets and administration. Today Chrisian is the CEO of NanoCap Group AB.

Kristoffer Martin, born in 1979 and today works actively within Frölunda Hockey's organization and has extensive experience as a coach and leader in elite sports. Kristoffer is today, among other things, chairman of the board of NanoCap Group AB.

Mathias Palmqvist, born in 1994, has been actively involved in the company since Q1 2021. With a background in IT since 2013, Mathias also brings valuable experience as a former CEO and board member in various companies.

Alexander Winqvist, born in 1989, holds a Master of Business Administration and has a background in M&A/investment banking. Alexander has previous experience from several CEO-/Board positions in both private and public environments.

External Partners